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Video Crews for Your Customers on Camera | NASA Scientists

Selecting a proper location is important when videotaping your customers, we make sure it has the following attributes:
Sufficient natural light, or enough space to use artificial lighting that we provide.  Minimal background noise from HVAC systems, neon lights, nearby elevators, noisy hallways, and office workers. Sometimes a little background noise from other office workers can be a desirable feature that adds a sense of vibrancy and activity to a scene.  We try to distance the interview from floor traffic. Lobbies can be a great location, provided that people aren’t getting off elevators every few minutes and walking through your shots.  We’ll setup enough physical space for our equipment, our subject, and the camera crew. We’ll get the right footage you need to make your video message a success.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

St Louis Video Production Webcasting


St. Louis webcast solutions for your special video streaming and production needs.

We offer high-definition streams of your content in a variety of formats optimized for video systems, computers, tablets and smart phones.

The applications and crews for webcasting work in any environment where it is critical to capture, stream, and record original live content. It has become a primary training and teaching mechanism in many businesses and organizations.

st louis video streaming and webcasting for training and teaching.

Webcasting / Video Streaming
Camera operators and gear
Professional audio and video production

Webcasting and streaming are cost-effective options to ensure your next meeting, broadcast, or live event reaches as many of your people as possible in real-time. Contact us, we’ll help customize your webcasting success!


Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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