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Drone helicopter aerial video.

We can help you with a number of different production needs when it comes to aerial drones for video and photography.

Creative Imagery
Making a feature film, commercial, music video or other type of production? If so then you already know the benefits of an aerial perspective for your production. We can fly where full size aircraft cannot! Such as flying through narrow areas such as city streets or natural obstructions.

Aerial Photography
Digital photographs are great for realtors, resorts, commercial & residential property investors, home owners, golf courses, casinos, private investigators, accident investigators, insurance adjusters and more.

Show your customers a bird’s eye view taken from any height where they live, work or play. Real estate sales are increased by providing powerful images of surrounding terrain. Enhance your business presentations and advertising with unique, high-resolution images.

Replacement as platform for full scale aircraft
Sometimes smaller is cheaper and safer. Also low altitude shots do not require us to zoom in through haze in the atmosphere producing clearer shots.

Event or news live video transmissions.
Got News? We have the ability to downlink a video signal to a ground monitor for a live view of what the camera is seeing. This allows the pilot/camera operator to use the pan/tilt controls to properly compose the shot.

Insurance documentation
Who’s fault was it anyway? See what has happened or what is still occurring.

Construction, Build and Development Photography and video
Document the scope and status of your project.

We also offer video and photo post production and editing
For your website, your commercial or for the big screen we can help.

Here are some other uses for our services.

Marketing / Advertising
Building Contracts
Land Development
Real Estate
Land Appraisal
Business Inventory
Wildlife Management
Aerial Data Collection
Resorts and Recreation
Legal / Forensic Data Collection
Fire Control
Golf Course Planning
Auto Dealer Inventory
Retail Site Planning
Personal Property Documentation
Estate Photography
Private Investigation
Law Enforcement
Insurance Damage Assessment
Video Surveillance
Structure and Barrier Inspection
Earthquake Damage Inspection
Video Production
TV News / Commercials

St Louis Video Production, Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer and Photographer, 314-892-1233. stlouisvideoproduction@gmail.com Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


Become Better At Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best techniques you can use to improve your business. It is a huge mistake not to utilize this highly effective promotional marketing method. This article contains several great video marketing tips. By studying them carefully and applying them to your business, you are sure to enjoy tremendous success.

Who on your team is the most motivating? Who is the best speaker? This is the person to put on camera on behalf of your company. You don’t have to have the CEO or a sales person reading the sales pitch, instead focus on the person who will do the best job of selling your firm or products. In this video for Medical Solutions, Ryan was the best and you can see and hear.

Don’t be intimidated by video marketing. A decent camera is all it takes to start! You can use the recording time to demonstrate your manufacturing process to the audience or sit there and demonstrate a particular product or service. Or we can help you shoot it at your location or in our studio. We can help you edit also.

To help people notice your videos you should develop a title that is eye catching and interesting. Create outside the box perhaps use a play on words or a rhyme to help people remember the name of your video. You should also use your primary keyword and if possible at least one or two associated keywords.

Consider what others are wanting when they are searching for videos. Most people are looking for something entertaining as well as informative. If you are explaining how to do something, use inflections as you talk and give information that others may not know. It is also beneficial to show how to do something while talking.

To add another dimension into your video marketing campaign include your company’s logo. This can easily be accomplished by inserting a clip art image of your company’s logo directly into your video. The most common placement for the image is either at the bottom of the screen or in the upper corner of the video.

Some of the most effective ways to gain an audience for your videos will be by using ads in social media or qr codes to direct people to yours videos. People who see these advertisements will already have the means (and likely the time) to watch the video. If they like it, they can instantly share the link with a friend, giving your business’s video yet one more exposure!

We can help you make your video marketing work! It can be a highly effective way to improve your business and boost profits.

Contact us about any and all thoughts you may have concerning video production and marketing. We’ve been creating video success stories since 1982.

St Louis Video Production, Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer and Photographer, 314-892-1233. stlouisvideoproduction@gmail.com Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


Better lighting for your video production.

Over a longer video production shoot and on most quick shots, especially indoors, use continuous lighting. This will allow you to reproduce the exact lighting should you need to come back and shoot a similar testimonial at a later date.

We try to minimize uncontrollable natural light by blocking or covering of windows.  For LED lights, we control the light spill with barn doors.  It may sound funny, but we often create and craft specifically on set with cardboard and gaffer’s tape to direct and control the viewer’s eye to the area we wish to highlight.

Conversely, when shooting outdoors, harness and control the natural lighting from the sun.  Place diffusers between the sun and the subject for a more balanced lighting effect.

Every video requires and calls out for good lighting.  It’s unfortunate that many shooters, shoot and scoot too fast and don’t take the time to do it right.


Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production



St Louis Video Production | Full service video company and crews

We can help your business grow with better video communications and photography.

We understand that by creating effective training and marketing video tools that will help you grow your business, it will positively affect our businesses growth as well. We plan to be around for a long time, so we take that extra step to make sure we’re producing quality, results-oriented content that not only looks good, but works to help attract people to your products and services.


We can provide full service video production or individual service specialties.  We have staff members who can also assist and provide for you as a part of your video crew.  Below are some of the many video production and post-production services we can help you with.



Producing, Consulting, Creative, Casting, Location Scouting, Script Development and Story Boarding



Video Production, Directing, Documentary Production, Grip & Lighting, Jib and Dolly, Sound Recording and Voice-Overs



Video Editing, DVD Authoring, Logos and Motion Graphics, Modeling & Animation • CD/DVD Duplication, YouTube Channel and Web Upload Creation


We know the entire St Louis metropolitan area that means the city of Saint Louis and surrounding areas and regions.  Illinois too!  We can help with directions, contacts, and production experts. If you’re searching for a film crew with options, teleprompter, green screen, whatever you might need on a shoot.  St. Louis Video Production can provide cameras, tripods, lights, HD monitors and microphones.  Also we can cover you for those extras like a makeup artist, or an on-camera actor?  We can help!

The above video clip was from a series produced by Rob Haller for Vision Companies in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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