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St Louis Video Production

Professional videotaping

Always use a tripod.

When videotaping you need the kind of tripod that has a “fluid” head, to produce smooth motion.

If outside on location, shoot with the sun on your back.

The best-looking footage will come if you shoot either during sunrise or during sundown. For all other times of the day, you will have to carefully pay attention where the sun is located and either avoid shooting altogether when the light is harsh during mid-day, or to make sure you have the sun on your back. The ideal time to capture footage without a lot of camera adjustments is on a cloudy day.

Before shooting, set your white balance.

A camera that allows you to manually set a custom white balance is the best. Then your camera is ready to shoot in the right conditions with the right colors.  Plus the camera will be automatically exposed the right way.

Plan your shots according to your script.

Always plan your shots, how you will pan, how you will zoom, and how you will compose the picture. It’s a good practice to not zoom in and out fast, or too much, and don’t pan a lot either. This gives more time to the viewer to study the subject, without your video being too static. No script?  You should always shoot to a script!

st louis video production companies | st louis video production | proper videotaping techniques

st louis video production companies | st louis video production | proper videotaping techniques

Become a difficult editor.

Select only the best video you have shot.  Cut where there is a lot of camera shake, cut where the composition is not right, and cut when the wind is over-powering the conversation. And edit according to your script.

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Video production for the small computer screen
Most internet viewers will be viewing your video production in a small window from their web browser. It’s important to create your video that looks good at a smaller size, viewed on a typical computer screen.

When viewing videos in a small window, details get lost. Don’t expect a video crowded with multiple objects to look good in a small web window. Smaller objects in the frame might simply disappear in the background blur.

The best looking videos for the web are those that work within the standard size of the internet display. Don’t place small, complex objects on the video set. It’s best to focus on a large, simple subject instead. Often the best solution is a talking head, positioned front and center in the frame. No fancy background, no tiny details, just the speaker’s face big in the frame.

st louis video production

st louis video production

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HD Video Production
We offer HD video production and post production. On location or in the studio, we will put together the perfect production crew for your project. From short promotional videos and commercial spots to documentaries and long format broadcast programming, we know how to build a video production team that fits your needs and budget.

st louis video production | video production company st louis | producers

Our name is st louis video production, but we also produce video productions throughout the United States. We are often asked by our customers based in St Louis to tape for them in other states and other countries. Let us know what your video requirements of your script contain. We’ll be happy to help and setup your logistics for effective and affordable video production. Here is an example of an out of town video production.

Video Production St Louis MO. video production company st louis. st louis video from st louis video production on Vimeo.

St Louis Video Production is a St Louis based video production company providing professional video production services to St Louis and the metropolitan region.

Video production as a marketing tool has experienced explosive growth, for its ability to deliver compelling communications and affordability. Live event and online streaming web video is a great communication solution for businesses both large and small. Allow us to produce the perfect: informational video, product demonstration video, corporate training video, corporate recruiting video, corporate seminar video, or corporate VIP event video.

We’re ready to help you share the news! Generate enthusiasm and create new leads with a company profile video production.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer


St Louis Video Producer


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