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St Louis Video Production is a full service corporate video production company that specializes in corporate communications, education recruitment videos, marketing and sales videos, marketing campaigns, commercials and special events. We transform ideas into high impact, powerful video presentations.

Corporate Video Production can take many forms.  Taping at a live event and streaming.  Interviews with key executives for website videos as well as for distribution to the general media.  Do you need to shoot in a studio or can we come setup a scene in your offices?  We can accomplish these and pick up some B-roll shots at your various manufacturing and distribution sites as needed.

Videotaping for the internet communications delivery tools of YouTube, Vimeo and other video repositories can also take many forms.  We can shoot at multiple locations and we have a green screen studio and a portable setup too.

You can always Go Green!  That is…let us shoot you against our green screen, as you tell us your message.  Many times video for the web is shot on green screen and then keyed out for insertion as an FLV file directly over HTML website copy.

We are experts at shooting and streaming video for the web, as well as the creation and insertion of video graphics and complete DVD production services.  We can shoot your video in our spacious video production studio or at your corporate location of choice.

St Louis Video Production. Marketing Video
St Louis Video Production.  Marketing video and employee training videos.

We can also scout out a location for you.  If you are unsure about what will best suit your needs, we would be more than happy to make recommendations for you.

You will be amazed at our resourcefulness and don’t forget we can get video and DVD duplications of your program at any quantity desired!

St. Louis Pillow Commercial Video and Photography for the Web
St. Louis Pillow Commercial Video and Photography for the Web

St. Louis Photography and Video Production shot in studio for Sleep Easy a corporate sleep product manufacturer.  Photo images and video clips for the web and email presentations.

In-studio we use high definition video and green screen technology to put you in the setting of your choice, any setting, indoors or out. Using this technology, you are videotaped in front of a green background. During editing, the green color is removed and an image, video or flash animation background is added in its place. This is an ideal technique for professional quality corporate commercials on a limited budget. In-studio video productions can also be used to create a video blog, commercial, sales presentation, testimonial or branding video.

The green screen technique can also be used to create a walk-on in which you or another representative from your company appears to walk on to your web site to personally greet visitors and serve as their online guide to your company. A walk-on creates a personal connection with your visitor from the moment they land on your site and guides them to the information they need. If you are not comfortable appearing on your web site yourself, you can also choose a professional spokesperson to represent your company.

We often shoot and edit for professionals in the financial and healthcare related industries. Video production isn’t just an effective content marketing strategy for businesses dealing with financial services and products, its an effective strategy for companies within any industry.

If you’re in the business of providing financial services or products, then implementing a video content strategy into your marketing efforts is not something that you’ll want to forgo. Working with a professional video production company can help your business to create highly professional video content that will effectively inform and engage your audience.

On The Road To The Abolition Of Slavery

Abolition News Network Corporate Communications

St. Louis Video Production – St. Louis Video Editing

Producer, Stephen Edison confers with two actors on the set of the ANN video production about slavery during the civil war. Camera operator Dave Topping sets up for the next video taping segment. The entire set was created and designed by Mike Haller.

St. Louis Music Video for the web.

Any sized business can make video work for them.  It’s a great communication tool, especially on the web.  An educational classroom video for music students.  The sound of music, different sounds come from different objects.  Video Producer and Editor Mike Haller, 314-892-1233 St. Louis, MO

St Louis Video Production for a local highly specialized insurance firm.  A wonderful client to work with.  Rob Haller, Producer,314-892-1233.  Milton Oldendorph, videographer.  The video shows how effective still images can go a long way in producing and directing a marketing video.

St Louis Video Production – Corporate Marketing Video segment – Music Video

Here is a segment of a corporate marketing video used for a St Louis Music Company to enhance their image on the internet with video production.  The video was shot in HD and then edited in post production back at the studio.  Milt Oldendorph was the senior video producer.  Rob Haller was the assistant video director, 314-892-1233.  All video in this sequence was shot in St. Louis, Missouri.

FPV indoor drone and ground crews multimedia production

YouTube and Google adwords video clips are some of the best types of search tools available for businesses today.  Here is an early prototype.  In the dawning days of the internet we were already playing with video on the internet.  Of course the files were much, much smaller.  Today, content loads are much quicker and more dependable.  Rob Haller would be happy to discuss your video needs and how to garner good SEO rankings with your keyword search requirements.

The above St Louis Video Production was for Historical Television.  A series of DVD chapters based upon American History.  The clip above relates to how history would be if the time had a more modern day news reporter on the scene.  Quite an interesting scenario to see a modern day reporter back at the time of the American Civil War.

Historical News Network St. Louis Video Production this segment videotaped at Faust Park in West St Louis county.

We are very happy with the reception of our new production “Slavery” by the fictional Historical News Network. This is a new approach, never attempted before, of a comprehensive teaching and study of the history of slavery in the United States in the 18th and 19th century by allowing students to hear the actual words and thoughts spoken by most all personalities involved that contributed to this subject, both for and against from 1776 until after the Civil War.

Some Different Types of Corporate Videos & What They’re Best Used For.

Have you ever wondered what type of corporate video works best for engaging your audience?

Understanding the different types of corporate videos and their strengths can make all the difference when creating compelling content. You can create amazing videos tailored to your business goals by determining which type of corporate video is best for your brand.

Corporate film production

Corporate film production is increasingly gaining traction as an effective tool to promote corporate branding and advertising. With high quality visuals and compelling storytelling, a corporate video can showcase your brand in the best possible light. From product videos to testimonials from employee and customers, there is a wide variety of corporate videos that can be used depending on the goal you are looking to achieve.

Here are some of the different types of corporate videos available for you to choose from:

1) Brand Videos – These types of videos help increase brand awareness by introducing your company’s values, mission, and/or vision.

2) Promotional Videos – These are designed to boost sales by highlighting a company’s products or services in an engaging way.

3) Explainer Videos – An explainer video simplifies complex information into easily digestible content which can be used to introduce new concepts or explain how certain products or services work.

4) Testimonial Videos – By featuring real-life customer stories, this type of video builds trust with potential customers by presenting honest reviews about your company’s offerings.

5) Staff Profiles – Personalize your brand by creating profiles for different members of your team which will help customers connect with them on a personal level.

These are just some examples of what corporate film production can offer when creating compelling visuals for businesses big or small. Depending on the goals you have set out for yourself, choosing one or more formats from this list should help enhance any creative message that you have in mind.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are one of the most common types of corporate videos. They provide an engaging visual way to explain a product or concept in a few minutes. Explainer videos typically involve characters, animations or other visuals that convey a message clearly and succinctly.

These types of video can be used for marketing, public relations or educational purposes and are often used for digital campaigns and social media content.

Explainer videos provide the perfect platform to explain complex topics that may otherwise be too challenging to understand with text-based explanations. This type of video is especially effective when teaching your audience about new products, services or features that they may not be familiar with yet. It also offers potential customers an opportunity to preview what they can expect from your company before making a purchase decision.

Finally, explainer videos can help build brand awareness by drawing attention to your company’s message while providing a deep dive into its offerings in simple and entertaining ways. When used correctly, explainer videos can have significant impacts on business performance outcomes – from increased website traffic and conversions to higher social media engagement rates – making them an invaluable tool in any modern marketing strategy.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are an effective tool to get the word out about your business or product. They can be used to increase brand awareness, launch new products, or promote an upcoming event. It’s an invaluable resource for any company looking to engage their audience in more dynamic ways and reach a wider consumer base.

Promotional videos come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from short 30 second TV commercials to longer web multimedia clips. Each type of video caters to different kinds of audiences and conveys different types of messages. For instance, a TV commercial may emphasize the unique features of your product while web multimedia will focus on user engagement and learning through experiences.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each style of promotional video that might be best suited for your particular needs, so consider the intended audience, what message you’re trying to convey, and the effectiveness of each type before deciding on which option is best for you. If done correctly with quality content, promotional videos can have a powerful impact on customers and really take your brand or business to new heights!

Training videos

Training videos are becoming increasingly popular to use as part of employee education and onboarding. Corporations now have the ability to create their own training videos, which can range from a brief tutorial or introduction about the company and its values, to an extensive review of specific workings or operational knowledge. Often, these training sessions can be done remotely so that employees don’t need to be present in order for them to learn the skills being taught.

Training videos are designed to present company policies and procedures in a way that’s easier for employees to understand. They offer visual cues and provide step-by-step instructions on accomplishing tasks or using tools related to their job description or position. They are also useful for demonstrations on how products should be used, how services should be provided, emergency handling procedures and how customers should be treated as well as any applicable safety standards that must be adhered to by staff.

Training videos can also be used beyond just new hires; they can serve as refresher courses for existing employees who need guidance in different aspects of their duties while on the job. Not only do they offer an effective platform for employee instruction but they’re a great resource for companies when it comes to communicating changes in protocol or updates on new regulations quickly and effectively across the organization.

Event coverage

Event Coverage is one of the most commonly used types of corporate videos. This type of video provides an audience with a picture of what went on during a business event. This could be for trade shows, conferences, parties or any other type of event. The key to effective event coverage video is to capture the essence and energy from the event in well edited footage that captures real moments over time.

A good event coverage video should include interviews with different people in attendance, such as guests and speakers, as well as footage illustrating the space and any special design elements. Additionally, it should include impressions of attendees and their experiences throughout the day or night.

The goal of event coverage videos is not only to provide an effective visual representation of what took place at the event but also ensure that those attending can be connected to a brand’s vision even after they go home. Event coverage videos can also be used creatively by businesses to document their own corporate identity or culture through film which then can strengthen relationships with customers.


Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer

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