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Since 1982, the staff at St Louis Video Production has been mastering the art of capturing moments in time through video and photography. Located in St. Louis, MO, our team of professionals is experienced in providing location and studio photography and video services. Our commitment to our clients includes the application of both creative artistry and technology to create memorable results. We are proud of our highly talented team and our ability to showcase the products, places, services, and people of St. Louis, Missouri in the best possible light through beautiful photographs and amazing video productions.

Our full service video production studio is large enough to drive a truck into. It is complete with everything we need to produce the exceptional results to which our clients have become accustomed. We have worked on countless projects in numerous industries, including consumer goods & services, business-to-business, industrial, medical, retail, food & beverage, automotive, and many, many more.

On Location Video Production in St Louis

Location productions are video productions that takes place outside of a video studio, on location or in a special venue, and they are one of our specialties. In many cases, these types of video productions are shot with a single camera, proper lighting, and sound equipment. We work with you in the pre-production phase to create the script and shot sheet, whether it is on camera interviews or “b-roll” (background footage).

We also provide for a variety of video production services for special lectures, panel discussions, cultural events, performances, and other special events. If you have a need for video production support, we can offer single-camera or multi-camera production crews.

Teleprompter operator, cameraman and talent on the green scree video production set.
Teleprompter operator, cameraman and talent on the green screen video production set.

Don’t forget the teleprompter!  Another video production service we offer is a teleprompter and operator.  This is possibly the next important piece of equipment at the shoot next to the camera, and quite possibly the lights.  A teleprompter will help you deliver your communication with a more polished look.

st louis video production on location
st louis video production on location

At St Louis Video Production, we can write it, build it, plan it, scout it, cast it, shoot it, videotape it, edit it and duplicate it.

No matter what your video production need, from corporate marketing and training videos to broadcast commercials and even original web programming, we have the right creative production team of and all the latest professional equipment and technical support to make your next video project a success.

We are often asked by our clients to shoot in multiple states and multiple locations around the country. In many instances we pack up the truck and head out.   We are available to travel quiet efficiently with our HD field shooting equipment and video production crews.


Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production


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