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Here are the best questions to plan for your next marketing or training video production.

What is the purpose of your video?
Who is your audience?
What is your relationship with the intended audience?
What is the delivery path for the video?
What measurable outcome are you looking to achieve?
What do you want to say and show in the video?
What style and format of video should I use?

There are many different styles and uses of corporate marketing and training videos. Knowing what type of video you are producing and answering all of the above questions will help to determine the proper length for the intended corporate video.

st louis studio production shot on set for diversity training for employees.

Create videos that are compelling, that create emotional resonance with the viewer, that explain the essence of the product or service you’re marketing, and your viewership and engagement will follow. Also, keep in mind that social media algorithms are changing constantly.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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