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Create an About Us Video for your Company.

Many firms have an About Us section on their website. Customers want to know who you are. Give them a bigger and better picture of who you are.  Create an emotional connection to show and tell your customers your story. Some topics might include your corporate mission and values, the company origin, the challenges it has faced and it’s vision for the future.

The value in the About Us video as described above is that your potential customers and current customers will see the personal touch of your company. They’ll see the passion and enthusiasm of your team and by allowing them to understand how you want to grow, they may feel more connected to you and want to help you reach your goals.

This type of video will be used by the marketing and sales departments but can also be used by the Human Resources Department. H-R can use it in recruitment as well as in new employee orientations. Having every employee really understand your company’s story, with its focus on what’s happening now, how you started and where you’re going, will help them better understand their role as part of the team.


Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production


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