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When shooting on location always bring extra lights.  In our video productions around the city of St Louis, we have always brought with our crew a full compliment of lights.  In most manufacturing plants, at least the older ones, have poor lighting.  The dark areas need more that just reflector fill, they need light!  As a producer, I have seen a great deal of poorly lit video from production houses of all sizes.  A good quality director would never stand for inadequate lighting.  In fact Mike Haller does not, he makes one of the crew, often me go get the extra lamp to make the shot perfectly lit.  To be honest, I am glad he is always so concerned about getting the right shot.  All told it increase our video quality level far above the normal fare in town.

st louis video production company

st louis video production company

While you are at it bring extra extension chords for the lamps as well!



Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production


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