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We shot this video production in Saint Louis Missouri.  The total shooting time was for two days at the corporate manufacturing facility in St Louis, north county area.  We really dressed the shoot, putting lipstick on perhaps as some might say.  But with the proper lighting, which we specialize in, can do wonders for a video production shoot.  What a novel idea lighting for video in St Louis.  Lighting makes all the difference in the world, especially on those shots where the large plant with it’s dark voids absorbs the light, practically all of it.

The editor, Dave Topping, was also happy with the better lighting so that we did not have to do much color correcting in video editing and post production.  Dave and I added the magic in post.  We also worked again with Scott Bussen as our voiceover.  We selected the music to be appropriate for a contemporary corporate sound.

St Louis Video Production Services

What’s unique about our video production team is our expertise behind the camera. Early on, we shot business documentaries, which quickly taught us to be flexible and adaptable—and how to get the best out of any video production situation.

We’re especially proud of our camerawork and lighting. These two critical elements will make your video production look very polished and professional.

You can count on our creative crews to be extremely organized and efficient, helping streamline the entire video production process. We are available to work in our studio—or anywhere you need us.


Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production


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