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Shooting for an industrial marketing video is no different than most other types.  You still need a script and a producer to make things happen.  Your producer will get the script finalized with the writer and coordinate the crew and in our case here, direct and edit.  We’re a small efficient video crew that can handle all of your creative needs with only a few people, a lot less than the larger studios in cost and in man hours by your team.  The image below was taken for Midwest Metals.  They have been a valued client since 1990.  We like to create and mold relationships as much as video productions, it makes for a better lasting association.  We also shoot stills and maintain their websites for marketing and associate information logins.

st louis video production

st louis video production


Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production


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John Eyres of BCC is just great on-camera!  He did a wonderful job and spoke from the heart.  We supplied the proper studio forum, relaxed and controlled.  The lighting and subtle background provided him the perfect set to deliver his video marketing message.  John will use this on his website and blog to further advance his sales efforts.  Mike Haller, videographer.  Rob Haller, Producer and Editor.


Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer


St Louis, Missouri, USA  | Video Production

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