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St Louis Video Production Company

We can create, produce and place your content according to sound marketing and promotional guidelines based upon our vast production and communication experience.

Our goal is to evaluate your communication goals, create and produce your message and just as important, delivering that message to the right audience.

Getting your production to all types and sizes of viewing screens, whether it’s a theater, television, smartphone, tablet or desktop, we have produced a message for the media.

Today users have come to expect quick uninterrupted streaming and more polished, professional video productions. Not necessarily Hollywood style of budgets, but adequate enough to convey the message in an understandable audience respectful manner.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

st louis video production | teleprompters and videotaping | talent on camera

St Louis Video Production Company

St Louis, Missouri

Video Teleprompters are worth their weight in gold!

A teleprompter is a great way to streamline video production when you want to stay on script and talk directly to the audience.

The concept is that you use the teleprompter for reference but look past the reflection into the actual lens of the camera when you know what you are supposed to say and also break eye contact occasionally, similar to a normal conversation with someone.

st louis video production company

st louis video production company

It’s important for the on camera talent to know the script well and know what is important to emphasize to the audience.

It also helps to have video experience and feel comfortable in a video production situation. When used properly, the video teleprompter keeps you on script, on-time, and is not noticeable to the viewer.

It can reduce production time and make the producer’s and editor’s job easier to work within your script.

When in doubt, utilize this wonderful video production method for your next video.

Web Video Streaming | St Louis Video Productions

Videotaping and Photography Live streaming seminars
Video Crews and video streaming for your next live seminar or event held in St. Louis or the surrounding area. Mike Haller, StL Video Producer and Director.

StL Video Production – a videotaping and photo session with Cardinals Lance Berkman

Celebrating their Centennial Anniversary, Rice University requested a videotaping of one of their famous alumni, a local St. Louis Cardinal, Lance Berkman.

St Louis Video Production, Mike Haller, StL video Producer, 314-892-1233

St Louis Video Production – St. Louis Video Streaming for your live event.

St Louis Video Streaming
St Louis Video Production


We provide many streaming technology solutions to increase the bandwidth quality and compression performance of your video stream. By using industry leading formats we constantly explore and test newer technology to create an economical web streaming solution for your specific needs.


Live video web streaming
From a simple presentations to a large scale productions, we can video stream and webcast your event live. Let us provide you with the correct technology solution.

On-Demand Streaming

Unique web visits can increase by replaying previously recorded live streams.  You can also create and stream your entire Media libraries.

Rob Haller, StL Video Director and Producer, 314-892-1233

St Louis Video Production Company. video companies in st louis.

St Louis video production company - Honda web video

St Louis Video Production
Mike Haller, Video Producer setup the St Louis video crew for a number of local Honda television commercials produced for television and the web. Four different locations were selected around downtown by the Arch, Creve Coeur Lake, Forest Park and University City. Night shooting was also conducted and finalized a rather successful but long day of videotaping.

St Louis Video Production. St Louis Police Swat training video

St. Louis Video for Police SWAT training

StL Video Crew members taping and editing this training video for those who protect and serve the St. Louis area.

Mike Haller, Producer, 314-892-1233

St. Louis Video Production, Video Editing studio, post prodution and Photography

A local st. louis Medical video for patient waiting rooms and dvd duplication. Dave Topping videographer (left) sets up the video taping on the set of a patient waiting area, while Mike Haller, photographer gets the shot of a patient coming back from a surgical treatment.

st louis video productions | full HD production | broadcast and web

Black History Moment

Narrowcasting historical video featuring local St. Louis anchorwoman Karmen Johnson discussing Rosa Parks

St. Louis Video Producer Rob Haller 314-892-1233


video production st louis. movie production companies st louis.

A look into the world of make-believe.
Here’s an interesting still photograph of a video production shoot.
On the left of the image you see the videographer, photographer, director and producer.
On the right side you see the actors and the live set of the studio.  Shot in beautiful south county, St. Louis, Missouri.
Here is a remarkable still image of a video production shoot.
On the left of the photograph you see the video production team, comprised of videographer, photographer, director and producer.  On the right side you see the actors and the live set of the studio.  Note the actor laying down of the canine variety.  Videotaped with pride in wonderful St. Louis, Missouri.
Abolition News Network Television DVD # 5 Heros & Heroines

Abolition News Network Television DVD # 5 Heros & Heroines

St Louis Video Production. Medical Video shot on location St. Louis, MO

Medical Training and Medical Marketing
Location Video shot in St. Louis Missouri
for Alchemedia and St. Louis University Physicians
Medical Training and Medical Marketing for Alchemedia and St. Louis University Physicians.  In the information age, training becomes marketing.  The best way to communicate is to utilize experienced videographers and See one, Do one, Teach One in the fine tradition of acquiring any medical skill.
Learn one, Do one, Teach One - Of course, by using video!

See one, Do one, Teach one – Of course, by using video!

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