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St Louis Video Production Company

St Louis, Missouri

Video Teleprompters are worth their weight in gold!

A teleprompter is a great way to streamline video production when you want to stay on script and talk directly to the audience.

The concept is that you use the teleprompter for reference but look past the reflection into the actual lens of the camera when you know what you are supposed to say and also break eye contact occasionally, similar to a normal conversation with someone.

st louis video production company

st louis video production company

It’s important for the on camera talent to know the script well and know what is important to emphasize to the audience.

It also helps to have video experience and feel comfortable in a video production situation. When used properly, the video teleprompter keeps you on script, on-time, and is not noticeable to the viewer.

It can reduce production time and make the producer’s and editor’s job easier to work within your script.

When in doubt, utilize this wonderful video production method for your next video.

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