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How much does a music video cost to make?

Every song needs a different creative approach, every artist and genre needs a different image and visual treatment.

We start by gathering basic information, we have the artist meet in our studio to discuss every aspect of the production, taking into account the best approach to sell their talents and the song. The more information and feed back we get from the artist, the more accurate we can budget for the production of a music video.

There are always ways to cut corners here and there and the best producer is the one that saves on every aspect of the Music Video Production process while getting the results the talent is looking for.

music video production |  location scouting for Phillip Phillips

music video production | location scouting for Phillip Phillips

Think about and focus on a novel interpretation of the music and lyrics, as well as cinematography, location and editing that wraps all together in visual harmony.

Music Video Packages can start around $3000. and includes one filming location that we will professionally light, shoot and edit. And this is only a starting budget, as there can be many other variables. Do we have to hire talents? Do you need a crowd? Do you need a make-up artist? Do we need a Green Screen? All of these budget items put together, will give us an idea on how to budget for your Music Video!

We are always doing our best to keep production costs low and simultaneously get the results that you artistically desire. There are many ways to make a good music video with a good song and a talented artist.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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