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Our creative video team provides complete St. Louis video production, videotaping, video editing and post production services. We can videotape your video at our video production studio or at your location.

We plan, adapt and experiment until we achieve the best possible creative production. We are skilled at using all digital video formats HD, DV, Beta SP and we use the latest video, graphics, animation, video editing and production software and equipment available. Our audio and video services are constantly evolving with the changes in video data technology. For video production companies in St Louis, Missouri St Louis Video Production is simply the right creative choice.

We want you to look your very Best!
Use makeup sparingly, unless you’re told otherwise by your Director.
If you have a makeup artist on your shoot you will be fine. If not, the director will most likely add some powder to your face to reduce the shine or glare from the lights, when you arrive at the studio or video/film location. Especially on the nose, forehead, and bald spots.

Be sure to use powder that closely matches your color of skin. Be careful with rouge because it will stand out on video or film.
Keep all other make-up simple. Avoid make-up which contains glitter, or is frosted. Your director will advise you as to what looks best.

For men, try to shave as closely as possible before going on camera. If you’re scheduled to appear late in the day, and have a heavy beard, you might consider a shave. High def shows it all!
Do not get a haircut within a week of appearing on camera. Normally keep your hair away from your face and out of your eyes. Be aware that some hairpiece colors may appear different on camera. If you will be wearing one, talk to your director beforehand.

Of course for hand models and close-ups of your hands, get yourself a manicure! Men and Women.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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