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Before you shoot, plan your video production first!

Pre-Production should include most of the following for your project

Project Analysis and Recommendations

Storyline script development and final script

Art Direction

Location Scouting

Shoot Coordination & Logistics

Talent Casting (Voice and On-camera)

st louis video production planning

st louis video production planning methods, prepare before you shoot!

When these tasks are completed then it’s safe to pick up a camera and start shooting.

Video Production

Shoot in High Definition Video

Consider if you need Aerial Filming (Helicopters/Planes), in some productions an aerial video or still images from a bird’s eye view are necessary to convey the information.

Will a single camera work?  Yes in most instances, but we do have the capability of Multi-Camera Shoots also.

Your Producer will help in your need for Specialized Equipment (Steadicams, Jibs, Dollies, Teleprompter, Makeup and other specialized artisans)

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer


St Louis Video Producer


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