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St Louis Video Production is a full service production and post-production company located in St Louis South County. Boasting the ability to shoot on location or in our studios, our professional crew can equip your single or multi-camera productions with both union and non-union crews. We can see your project through from start to finish with producers, makeup artists, grips, gaffers, tele-prompting and editing in addition to our first rate video and audio crews.

We shoot quite a lot for outside production companies needing interviews in St Louis.

Our local crews are available to shoot in every city in the United States.

The creative and technical abilities of our crews are unsurpassed. Our crew members are hand picked and trained to deliver the highest quality pictures and sound under the most demanding circumstances.

Our crews are held to a higher standard. They are continually educated in new equipment and technology developments. Our seasoned veterans attend seminars to master the latest techniques and nuances in lighting and audio.

St Louis Video Production Crews

We have experienced crews for every type of shoot and extensive support staff who deliver outstanding results each and every shoot.

We really take pride in our gear.  We were on the forefront of HD technology and are now doing the same with 4K and beyond.  We have a full time staff who maintains and checks our gear after every shoot.  We’ve got what you need!

Our list of production services is extensive and specialized. A typical day involves at least one of each of these types of shoots:

▪ Syndicated TV Shows
▪ Video News Releases
▪ Press Conferences
▪ Documentaries
▪ Training
▪ Cable TV Shows
▪ Corporate Video
▪ Electronic Press Kits
▪ Sales Meetings
▪ Entertainment
▪ News
▪ News Magazines
▪ Special Events

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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