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How to properly use a teleprompter | St Louis Video Production

Here’s the big problem with the way most people use a teleprompter. Their following the teleprompter. They act like the teleprompter is in charge and that they aren’t in charge. So what happens? All of a sudden people start to sound the same. They talk at the same speed, the same volume, the same tone, and they don’t put pauses in. Can you see how you are about to fall asleep? Now I wasn’t reading from a teleprompter there but that’s how people sound. 

St Louis Professional video camera with teleprompter

St Louis Professional video camera with teleprompter

If you’re going to use a teleprompter, here are the big tips you have to keep in mind. Occasionally you speak louder. Occasionally softer. Sometimes you go a little faster, sometimes you go a little slower. And sometimes you need to pause. Doing those steps will make you sound conversational. You’ve got to do that and then you will be following, not the teleprompter, but the teleprompter will be following you. That’s what you want.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer
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