Experienced Crews | Professional Equipment | Studio & Remote Production


Our videographers can help you figure out what you need to get your video created.   Be it an event, commercial, presentation, we have worked on a range of productions, and help you quickly plan what you need for your video production.


We can work in studio or on site to get our vision on video and ready for editing.   We offer a full range of services, from a simple video recording, to multiple camera complex lighting set ups.

Post Production

We’ve edited 100s of videos over the years, from television commercials, to presentations, music videos.   From preparation for Theater, to DVD, to youtube for your website, we’ve done it.

st louis video production crews taping a street scene for b-roll.

Our video production crews have years of experience Directing, Producing, Shooting and Editing interviews and multi-cam events.  We have lit, mic’d and shot several hundreds live events, interviews and promotional pieces.

Production work is a partnership. We assist in setting up, blocking, lighting and shooting our projects properly.  Behind the camera, everything fades away. we learned to Show and Tell, very well.  It’s about the entire production timeline.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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