Experienced Crews | Professional Equipment | Studio & Remote Production

St Louis Video Production is a full-service creative team able to provide concept to completion high end aerial photography and video productions.  Our award winning crew can develop your creative concept and delivery anything from internet advertising to high definition commercials for TV.

Fly Almost Anywhere – We can fly where no other aircraft can. Our remote controlled aerial platforms are equipped to film from unique vantage points that are often too expensive, too dangerous or just impossible to shoot with full sized helicopters.

We can handle your aerial photography and video needs from start to finish.

We have our 333 exemption from the FAA as Safe-To-Fly.  We adhere to all FAA guidelines.  For safety and quality, we shoot with a two-man crew, and we are fully insured.  Our pilot always keeps visual contact with the drone, while our navigator guides and directs the shot.

We provide aerial and ground video crews for live events. We can help with any types of still photography also.

The drone game has changed. That may sound like hyperbole, but that was my first impression when experiencing the Inspire. This is a unit that a game changer for quality aerial imagery.

Rob Haller
St Louis Video Producer
St Louis, Missouri, USA

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