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We'll use the right lighting to make your images look great.
We’ll use the right lighting to make your images look great.

Lighting quality refers to a light’s hardness or softness. A hard light is characterized by a sharp, defined shadow edge and a deep, dark shadow. Hard light pulls out the angular features of a face and draws attention to wrinkles and creases. It can make a subject look strong, or weathered, or wicked. Hard lighting can make a subject seem intimidating. Soft lighting has a broad, gradual shadow edge and a faint shadow. It is more flattering on the face. It conceals wrinkles and hides lines in the face, and makes people seem more friendly and approachable. Possibly more trustworthy. The hardness of a lighting instrument can be altered by adjusting the lamp from spot to flood, or by adding diffusion material or a softbox to the front.

Lighting quality remains a true constant whether for video or photography!

Mike Haller

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