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When patients speak to a doctor or another medical professional, they see a person who genuinely cares about their well-being. That personal touch is often missing from medical practice websites. It is even worse when looking at the sites of medical equipment and device companies. Medical video production offers a great way to bring the personal touch back.

We create videos to bring new patients to their practices. Most people will not pick a doctor from the phone directory. They want to know a bit about the physician before they even call and set an appointment. One way patients investigate doctors today is by visiting the medical practice’s website.

Physicians can use medical video productions to tell their personal story. Why did they become a doctor? What brought them to their specialty? Why did they choose to practice in their current city or region? Patients love to know personal information about their physicians. It builds trust and makes the patient more likely to choose that physician. We also create medical video productions to give a tour of the offices or facility. People like to know something about a place before they visit it.

We also create videos for procedures, medical products and other health related services. Videos are great for showcasing a procedure performed at the office or by the doctors in the practice. For example, many eye doctors perform sight corrective procedures. Video is perfect for showing how the procedure works and to capture patient testimonials.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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